A New Season

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Growing up in the Midwest, both Zac and I were accustomed to a change in the air about every three months. The glorious changing of seasons. From the first snow, glimpses of green buds on the trees, to uncontrollable frizz due to humidity, to the first crisp morning where it seems all nature has been dusted in silver frost; seasons marked the time. Fall marked the sharpening of pencils, the smell of books, new beginnings, and the harvest of crops. Winter marked the holidays with homemade pies and endless laughter with family, being snowed inside for days, and gray skies. Spring meant new life as fields were planted in hopes of the harvest in fall. Summer marked rest. Season changes made me stop and appreciate the season I was walking out of and look toward the future season with hope.

In the natural world, seasons are used to mark time. In our walk with the Lord, seasons are used to invite you into spiritual growth. Seasons of heartache, hope, trials, peace, mourning, gladness, loss, plenty, busy and rest. These seasons though are not bound by time constraints.  Sometimes the season lasts in glimpses throughout your day. Others seem to only last for a few months. Yet others make you walk on and on, teaching you what true perseverance means. The Lord uses spiritual seasons for growth. 

We have personally walked through many different seasons.  Even now we are walking through a season. Just like as a kid I wanted summer to never end, some seasons I wish would last forever. Others draw me to my knees every day asking the Lord for His strength to see this season through.  In both types of seasons, the Lord was drawing me to Himself.  In the seasons of blessings, He draws me to Himself through thankfulness for His gracious overflow.  In the seasons of hardship, He draws me to Himself by reminding me of my desperate need for Him to carry me through the season. In every season, the Lord's goal is to make me more like His son Jesus.  At the end of every season, I pray I look less like me and look more like Christ.

I pray that as your season changes, you will stop and appreciate the season of growth you walked out of and look toward the future season with hope. I pray that you will allow the Lord to use the current season in your life to transform you into looking more like Him.

All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship

Words take from Hillsong's- Desert Song


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