Good Things Come in Threes

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Our family is excited to be adding a new member in January 2014! Emmalyn and Kaylin have been such a joy to us and we consider ourselves blessed to get to add another to the family. 

Can I be a little transparent with y'all? It has been a rough 14 weeks. We count them as a joy to have walked through but hard nonetheless. After some major complications in the early weeks, my doctor concluded that this baby would have been a twin, but one did not make it. Heartache, sorrow, and grief quickly followed this diagnosis. Yet the Lord has been faithful to prove Himself as the ultimate comforter. After numerous tests and ultrasounds, our surviving baby has been shown to be completely healthy and a fighter. Baby and I were placed in the "high risk" category until making it through the first trimester. We are overcome with joy to know that this week marks the end of the first trimester and hopefully finishing out this pregnancy to full term. 

Through these months, can I just tell you that the Lord has stretched me in ways I wouldn't have chosen for myself. Yet I now can look back, still not understanding His full purposes in the pain, seeing glimpses of His glory. My God has shown Himself as a faithful, loving, generous Father through our pain of loss and in our hope for the future. 


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